Artist Statement

I'm a visual artist, poet, novelist and street medic, living in Philadelphia since 1964. I work in acrylic, water color, pen and ink, metalpoint, and with trash I find on the street.  if I have a theme, it would be <em>The Disintegration of the Human. </em>

All the 'isms' are gatekeeper driven. Which means, market driven--gallery to investor capitalist captures. I resist capture. Since we no longer can take the idea of 'posterity' seriously--teetering as we are, on the brink of collectively inflicted human extinction--I paint and draw and glue shit together in whatever way feels right to me--which means--whatever way I sense to be a step to something else... another drawing, another painting, another assemblage. I experience a resistance to representation in my own work--a resistance which at times I resist. I think it has to do with politics--the captivity, not of perception itself, but how recognizable scenes and objects are instantly translated into the propaganda of the global police state--into a false vision of the false reality of those who would own us.. and reality itself.
This isn't an aesthetic ideology; it's a form of mistrust, a mistrust that permeates, and poisons, our collective immersion in a state of false Being.

There's no 'ism' that can capture that. What I want, is rupture... perhaps the nearest we can come to Rapture.
I sign my art with my birth name, Willard... in memory of my maternal grandfather who died two weeks before I was born, and out of love and respect for my Uncle, Willard Hardin--who was both big brother and mentor.

I post my most recent work on my blog:

Jacob Russell is my pen name. To my friends and comrades, I am