Artist Statement

I'm a visual artist, poet, novelist and street medic, living in Philadelphia since 1964. I  work in acrylic, water color, pen and ink and woodcut prints, and make from trash I find on the street. I sign my art with my birth name, <em>Willard</em>... in memory of my maternal grandfather who died two weeks before I was born, and out of love and respect for my Uncle, Willard Hardin--who was both big brother and mentor.

My art is not meant to represent what we believe we know, but to envision a FELT reality beyond our received ideas-- a dream vision, that affirms that we are not trapped in this Empire of Money and Death—that it lies within our power to create a new, humanly habitable world, where we are all equal, and the power of the State is no more.

Jacob Russell is my pen name. To my friends and comrades, I am