Biography & Terms of Sale

I took children's classes at the Chicago Art Institute, and at the Kansas City Art Institute and the Nelson-Atkins Gallery in Kansas City while in highschool--majored in art at Wichita State University, before leaving for Philadelphia in 1964, where I continued to paint, and built a pottery shop, where I made functional pottery for 8 years.
     It was another 40 years before I found myself in a place where I again had space and time to make art. In a collective called the Ox, an unfinished warehouse on N. 2nd Street, I began assembling pieces of street trash, found objects: works of bricolage I call, Recyclations, a portmanteau for 'recycle,' and 'transformation.' The numbers on my work all date from that summer at the Ox, July, 2012.
     From imagination, and the detritus of capitalist decay, I deconstruct the visual in search of vision for a post-capitalist future. 
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I don't participate in the Gallery to Investor, Capitalist gatekeeper system. If you would like to have a piece of my art...Prices always negotiable--I want my works to be in the hands of people who love them--if a piece you like is more than you can afford--make me an offer. And if you are able to contribute more--your support will be most welcome.
If you see a piece that you are interested in, CONTACT me here, or email me:

Payment through PayPal at that email address.